2016 the first Dan dragon cup

2016 the first Dan dragon cup youth competition

One, the activity is introduced

Industrial designs, design refers to the product's shape, pattern or their combination, and the combination of color and shape, pattern made by rich aesthetic feeling and is suitable for industrial application of the new design.

Second, the purpose of the activity

Dan dragon cup youth competition aimed at improving for young designers professional to provide a better platform for the society, and through the competition to find excellent design work and design talents.

Second, the theme

Portable acoustic cleansing instrument appearance design

Third, creative works submitted time

Preliminaries: the solstice on October 10, 2016 on October 25, 2016

The semi: on October 26, 2016 to November 1, 2016

(the selected works in the preliminaries, the host will provide revision guide)

Fourth, organizational units

Organizer: ningbo gen industrial design co., LTD

Support unit: zhejiang Dan dragon electric appliance co., LTD

Five, the object

College students, such as design lovers.

Six, entry requirements

1, name of content including appearance design, exterior design drawings or photographs, exterior design brief description (may not appear in the layout of the author's name and any tags, or void).

(1) the name of exterior design: a portable acoustic cleansing instrument appearance

(2) design drawings or photographs: hand-painted works for A4 size paper.

Rendering format requirements for A3, cross section, JPEG, a resolution of 300 dpi. Hand-painted works need to take pictures in JPEG format and rendering package submitted together.

2, entries shall ensure that as the original works. Entries and published the works of the same or similar work, once participated in other design contests or to a third party service design works and has applied for a patent of appearance design shall not compete.

3, enterprise or individual must promise to participate in creative work prize entries does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others, such as a dispute, all of the participating enterprises or author assume responsibility, and host shall have the right to unilaterally cancel at any stage of the competition to enter the race and won the prize.

Seven, related policies

1, do not charge any fee.

2, submit entries will not be returned.

Eight, awards Settings

(1) the first prize: 1, bonus: 7000 yuan/name

(2) the second prize: 1, bonus: 2000 yuan/name

(3) the third prize: 2, bonus: 500 yuan/name

(4) of the award-winning work plan if adopted by ningbo chi chong industrial design co., LTD. Project and put into production, ningbo, and industrial design co., LTD. I will pay the cost of design for designers.

Ningbo chi chong industrial design co., LTD.

(5) will provide all participants with jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Nine, note

(1) the preliminary contest if not selected any design work, preliminary stage, no longer the end of the game.

(2) the selected works in the preliminaries, the host will provide modified guidance

(3) host of the competition reserves the ultimate power of interpretation.

(4) the works if already please do not contribute to apply for a patent, and it is strictly prohibited to a draft cast more, once found disqualified from awards. If there is a third party entries concerning the problem of intellectual property rights, by providing work take full responsibility.

10 and submission

The competition entries specified email: 616408655

Contact person: Ms. Hu

Telephone: 15556418225

Attachment: Dan dragon cup youth competition appearance design contest entry form

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