brand introduction

      DanLong/Dan dragon is China's Hong Kong yong lian industrial (China) co., LTD., zhejiang Dan dragon electric appliance co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Dan dragon group) brand. Danlong advocates the beauty of science and technology, since the brand since its creation, has been committed to change the traditional way of shampoo, wash a face to brush your teeth and the "little things" more beautiful!

Brand concept

      Focus on perfection, all for the center with the user experience, adhering to the "focus, everything" for the center with the user experience of the brand concept, Danlong brand to create safe and efficient technology beauty equipment and personal care appliances. Advocates the beauty of science and technology, not stick to traditional way of beauty, natural skin care concept and high-tech beauty instrument rise the world beauty science and technology era.

Brand slogan

      Refresh yourself

      Meaning: let each Danlong brand consumer can refresh ourselves every day, enjoy a higher quality of life.

Product series

      Dan dragon sonic cleansing instrument X6, sonic electric toothbrush S7

Brand protection

     "Quality to abnormal condition", "service to vomiting blood", adhere to provide customers with comprehensive support services. Proposed "the non-artificial reason of quality problem within 1 year replacement new", "2 years warranty" and so on many industry the highest standard after-sales service.